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Know Before You Hunt: ​ It is very impirtant to know and be ready to hunt for a new home responsibily. Save as much money as you can and make sure your bills are paid on time. Figure out how much of a home you feel you can afford, so you don't waste your time or fall in love with a home that is inpractical for your finances.

Get Pre-Approved: Once you have determined your budget, you should be able to get a pre-approval letter form a mortgage broker or baker. As a trusted real estate agent in the area, I have some recommendations. They can talk about their different lending options. To get a pre-approval, you would need to provide some basic information like assets, debts, pay-stubs and employment. The letter would accompany any offer to confirm you are tenatively qualified.

Make A List And House-Hunt: ​Determine what are the most criticial features of your new home, including location, bedrooms, baths, and style. Give yourself plenty of time to evaluate the available listings so you don't feel like you are settling.

Submit An Offer: ​​We will determine what the home's value is, based on recent sales The offer will be written up, accompaied with your pre-apporval letter, signed property disclosures and good faith deposit check. Once the offer is presented the the seller, we will hear if they accept it, make a counter offer or reject the offer. If the seller accepts, we get the paperwork signed, and you will then schelude your building inspetion and complete your mortgage application.

Real Estate Attorney And Home Inspection: Once an ofer has been accepted, you will need to hire a licensed Connecticut attorney which specializes in real estate. They will represent your interests in your purchase. I hafve recommedations of exprienced local real estate attorneys whom you can select. As a buyer, you are responsible for the costs of your inspections.

Get Ready To Close: ​Work in coordination with your lender to provide all documentation that they ask for. Follow up with your attorneys office to see if there is anything that they need from you. Make arrangements to obtain a homeowners insurnace and contact the utility companies to arrange to have the serviced switched over to you for the day of closing.

Final Walkthrough:​ We will go through the house the day of the closing or the night before to confirm that sellers followed up on any negoiated repair items and the mechinal systems of the house are in working order.

Close: ​You will review documentation and sign a large amount of paperwork with your attorney and get the house keys. Your attorney records the transfer of title in the land records. Once you close, you can begin moving in and enjoy your new home.

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Page last updated 9/25/2019